Friday, January 1, 2010


wazup dudes..
leran here..
1st of all..
happy new year!!
and oso happy tiger year!!!
actually i dunno wat to say..
the 5h novel blog..
still gt use??
i starting think no need la..
if anybody want write at there than say lo..
but i think the best is don't..
coz need focus on UPSR..
the 5h group in facebook wan..
only gt 20 people gt facebook meh??
no way gua..

i thought we all very not-outdated wan..
so if u gt any 5h friendzz didnt hav facebook..
try to call them do lo..
but don't paksa them ah..
nothing la..
juz wish everybody happy always..
( and thank you for writing me as Photographer!! is an honer to be 5h's photographer!! so happy!! thank's alot!!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5H ROX!!

hello to my classmates,
Pui Mun here =)
give some suggestions for our class gathering
so that we can decide the place,date and how many ppl
call/msn /facebook me if you have yr answer =)
H/P: 0176866353/0380759620
rmb to join our 5H facebook group
search "5H 2009 in Yak Chee :D "
write something on our wall
and enjoy talking with yr old friends :D
to those who not feeling well
and disagree with anything
please don't scold bad words
or say any words that hurts ppl
even in this chat box too
hope you all will follow the rule
and have a good relationship with our friends ^^
if anyone is good at designing
please help us to design our blog
if you want to say anything to our classmates
you can take our id and passw from boey

These are the peoples who do everything for our class
Any help with our class can find them =)
So that we can meet back easily after leaving school
For the spaces please find me or boey...

Facebook group : Liew Pui Mun
Blog : Hee Boo Yee
Photographer : Li Le Ran
Designer : Wong Jia Yi
Class Model : FINDING (for the photos, unlimited person)
Class Monitor : Soo Yong Hao, Lam Xin Jieh
Gatherings : Liew Pui Mun
MSN group : Phuah Li Ann

Monday, December 28, 2009


其实也没什么好高兴的… =P
宝儿呀~ 我希望这 5H 的部落格可以安安全全。
你也知道的,要些无聊的人 * 我不想强调是谁 * 很喜欢冒充别人的名字来写不好的东西。
好啦!快下雨了,我要关电脑了。就写到这咯,下次再 Post.

~our 5H are the best!!!~

hey frenzzz...
booyeezzz here...
this blog are our 2009's 5h class d blog!!!
forever also this blog lahzzz!!!

if u need this blog d id n pass...
come take wif me...
i duwan put on here cause i scare wait got someone not 5H d will get it...
wan then come to get from me...

so miss 5H lahzzz...
miss the noisy...
miss frenzzz...
miss AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will be meet soon...
see you all...
my lovely frenz...